Surfski paddling in Tarifa

”look at the nose of the surfski …..paddle faster, there's a wave behind you, paddle faster, faster, get more speed. .. you're on the wave, relax, brace … go for the next wave to the right”.  Blasting down the straits of Gibraltar from Tarifa to Getares in 3 meter swells and 11 m/s westerly wind in the back combined with the tidal stream moving at 7-8 km/h at the Epic surfski center in Tarifa with Boyan Zlatarev as coach was an amazing experience.

Since the spring was delayed at home we went to the Epic surfski center in Tarifa to get some paddling and to improve our downwind paddling skills.
We had booked paddling for four days, but we got some extra paddling already the evening we arrived since Boyan wanted to evaluate our paddling skills before we started.
We spent the day thereafter paddling in easterly winds, Levante, perfect for learning how to catch waves.
On Friday the winds had turned to SW, not the best conditions so we spent the day on improving paddling technique and learning how to launch and land through the surf zone at the beach.
On Saturday and Sunday we paddled from Tarifa to Getares. The conditions on Saturday with SW wind wasn't as perfect as on Sunday with westerly winds, but both days were amazing with big waves and some good runs with maximum speeds of 22 km/h in the surfs.
Boyan gave us great confidence in all conditions and the Epic V8 is the  perfect surfski for training and we never doubted about the stability and could focus on the paddling. Before and after every session we got lots of feedback and every morning we looked at videos from the day before.

We stayed at the Arte Vida hotel located at the beach just north of Tarifa. A rather basic hotel, but with a  excellent location and a friendly staff.

Many thanks to Boyan and Julian for taking great care of us. We've learned a lot and we'll be back
Launch through small waves the first evening
Epic V8's in front of the Arte Vida hotel
A perfect day at a perfect location for surfski paddling
Göran launches with perfect timing through moderate surfs
Boyan explains the wave patterns
Christina struggling in the surf zone. Boyan is hidden in the foam somewhere
Passing through the surf zone
Björn swimming in the surf zone. The surfski can be seen in the lower right hand corner of the photo.

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